This site is where I’ll share some of the things I’ve been up to.  Many people know me as a software maven.  They say “Dean has an app for everything”, and it’s true.  I love to research the best software and pride myself on finding amazing solutions for free.  Take a look at my Software page for recommendations.  As you may know, I’m a big proponent of Open-Source software and prefer to give back to the community anything. I enjoy programming in PHP and in AutoHotkey and look forward to learning Python and Java.

My main project is called AutoGTD, which is a macro program for implementing Getting Things Done in Outlook.  Features include customizable macros, setting reminders, bulk-move messages and many more.  With it you can get to inbox-zero in less than a minute.

Take a look at my Projects page for my additional open-source projects.

2 comments on “Welcome
  1. Joe Despres says:

    I just discovered autohotkey… Trying to compile your ahk script to manipulate multiple putty windows…. failing

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Released LockScreen v1.3

Fixed two bugs.  [More]

Released Undock Mute v1.0

I have added a new project called Undock Mute. It detects when you undock your laptop and automatically mutes your speakers.  [More]

Released LockScreen v1.2

I have updated the LockScreen utility and fixed a minor bug of duplicating the Lock Screen text each time you lock.  [More]

Released LockScreen v1.1

I have updated the LockScreen utility and fixed the multiple monitor bug.  [More]